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[The Concept]

The regular college football season may have ended with the University of Oklahoma Sooners being crowned National Champions in the Orange Bowl on January 3, 2001 -- but in fans hearts and minds football season lasts all year. The Best College Football Sites is a place for college football fans to showcase their team-devotion. All college football-related fan websites are welcome -- whether they be personal homepages, "worship" sites, sites devoted to individual collegiate players, message boards, chat forums, or college football merchandise showcases.

[The Rules]

The only real "rules" for this friendly competition are as follows... Your site must contain either a text or graphic vote link. When you submit your website to the Best College Football Sites, you will be given a URL with an ID specific to your site. You should either use this URL as a text link or graphic link -- and this link MUST indicate that by clicking on it a visitor is placing a vote for your site. Sites found using hidden voting links, graphics, java code, pop-ups, and the like to "cheat" will be promptly removed from the contest! No exceptions! Sites must have a vote in order to show up on the list -- and only one vote per day per IP address will show up. Do not try to beat the system, or you will be removed from the list! Votes should be placed by visitors to your site -- please do not "spam" groups with vote requests. If I am notified of such action, you will be suspended from the contest pending review of the situation. Right now, verification is not required to join the list. Every site submitted is accepted -- but I do reserve the right to delete sites that I feel are inappropriate. I will also remove sites with dead links. All sites must maintain a "PG" rating -- and absolutely positively NO ADULT CONTENT or sites with adult-advertising on their pages are accepted! Sites with offensive content or obscenities are also not accepted. In other words -- please keep your website's content focused on college football!

[The Promotion]

In addition to text descriptions of each listed website, the Top 25 sites in the list can also display a banner "advertising" their site. There are pixel size limits (which will be given when you join), and the image must be in .gif or .jpg form. Please keep these images under 150K for load time! Even if you're not in the Top 25, please consider submitting a banner anyway! There is a "Site of the Moment" feature which updates every 30 minutes or so. This is a random banner-rotating feature -- and each site with a banner will be featured at one time or another. If your banner appears as a broken image due to submitting a wrong link, it will be removed until the problem is corrected. You are allowed to create your own vote-graphic images, too -- just make sure they clearly state that clicking on them means a vote for your site! Please send your new vote-graphic creations to Robyn so that others may use them as well!

If you have a 468x60 banner for your college football site and would like to have your website linked here at the Best College Football Sites, please contact Robyn and let her know where your banner is located online. A reciprocal link is requested -- and you can find our banner here.

[The Rewards]

The Best College Football Sites list will be reset every eight weeks so that new sites joining in the competition will have a chance to reach #1 eventually. The first, second, and third place winners each round, and the top 10 and top 25, will receive special awards for their websites.

[First Place]

1st Place - Jan. 2002: Kentucky-Wildcats.Com
2nd Place - Jan. 2002: Michigan Wolverine Football
3rd Place - Jan. 2002: LilShad's Oklahoma Sooners Website

Any icons indicate a website has reached the "Top 3" for 4 list resets, and they were retired
to a special section in the Best College Football Sites after reaching the "Top 3" for a 4th time.

[The Rewards]

Please contact Robyn with any questions that you might have, and good luck in the competition!

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