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The Public Speaks Up...

Please note -- I did not include 90s songs on my "master list" --
and had yet to include them on this request page -- but after
several pleas to include Nirvana and the like, let it be known
if Puff thinks he can ruin 90s "classics", too, he's dead wrong!
Every move you make/breath you take we're watching you!

[Artist/Group Requests]

Too Shy --

Video Killed The Radio Star --
The Buggles

In A Big Country --
Big Country

Turning Japanese --
The Vapors

Always Something There To Remind Me --
Naked Eyes

Safety Dance --
Men Without Hats

Break on Through --
The Doors

Ramble On --
Led Zeppelin

Nothing compares to 2U --
Sinead O'Connor

Our House --

Ghost Town --
The Specials

Whip It --

Lies --
Thompson Twins

dancing in heaven --

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? --
Culture Club

Such a Shame --
Talk Talk

Rockit --
Herbie Hancock

Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone --
Glass Tiger

A Million Miles Away --
The Plimsouls

We Won't Get Fooled Again --

Wuthering Heights --
Kate Bush

Borderline --

Ashes to Ashes --
David Bowie

Perfect --
Smashing Pumpkins

The Cutter --
Echo and the Bunnymen

Throw Your Arms Around Me --
Hunters and Collectors

White Wedding --
Billy Idol

China Girl --
David Bowie

Patience --
Guns 'N' Roses

Computer Love --
Roger and Zapp

Losing My Religion --

Roxanne --
The Police

Living Just Enough For The City --
Stevie Wonder

He's Too Handsome To Be Made a Fool --
Corey Hart

She Blinded Me With Science --
Thomas Dolby

Walking on Sunshine --
Katrina and the Waves

Smells Like Teen Spirit --

[Artist/Group Requests]

Billy Joel oldies
Submitted by "Lychael"

Pseudo Echo
Submitted by "Sparrow"

Van Halen classics
Submitted by "Fred"

Guns 'N' Roses classics
Stabbing Westward

Submitted by "Ken"

Anything by The Rolling Stones
Submitted by "MPys2626"

Everything by The Beach Boys
Submitted by "Jenny"

Anything by Pink Floyd
Submitted by "Foxsgirl"

Any material from Rush
Submitted by "Dennard"

Anything by Culture Club
Submitted by "EraOfTin"

Anything by Eurythmics
Submitted by "EraOfTin"

Anything by Cyndi Lauper
Submitted by "EraOfTin"

Anything by Depeche Mode
Submitted by "EraOfTin"

Anything by Alice Cooper
Submitted by "Dan"

Anything by Savage Garden
Submitted by "LuvDazz"

Anything by Madonna
Submitted by "LuvDazz"

Anything by U2
Submitted by "LuvDazz"

Anything by Everclear
Submitted by "LuvDazz"

Anything by Sarah McLachlan
Submitted by "LuvDazz"

Any song by Alphaville
Submitted by "Ayala"

Anything by Fleetwood Mac
Submitted by "Kelly Ann"

Anything by Peter Gabriel
All songs by a-ha
Anything by Pearl Jam

Submitted by "Jana"

Anything by Crosby, Stills and Nash (and Young)
Anything by Eric Clapton
Anything by Jethro Tull
Anything by Pat Benetar
Anything by Genesis

Submitted by "TinyButMyT"

Anything by Janis Joplin
Anything by Jimi Hendix

Submitted by "ssschic"

Anything by Def Leppard
Anything by Wang Chung

Submitted by "Tasty183"

Anything by Alanis Morissette
Submitted by "Bradley"

Anything by The Psychedelic Furs
Submitted by "mtspeer"

Anything by Prince (when Prince was still Prince)
Submitted by "lionqueen"

If this jerk peeped one NOTE of a
B-52's song, I'd go on a RAMPAGE!!!

Submitted by "butterbeana"

1) Anything by or associated with Tupac
2) Anything by Metallica
3) Anything by Dave Matthews

Submitted by "sbba45"

Let's outlaw the "Puffing
up" of *any* song that has:
1) Melody
2) Harmony
3) Lyrics
4) Creativity
5) Musical instruments played
with any skill whatsoever
Submitted by "VG"

More in the new song/artist list!

Due to the overwhelming popularity of this website -- I have now created a guestbook to enter your songs/artists that are off-limits to Puffy (rather than adding them all to the old list by hand)... Your submissions will NOT show up there automatically! I will have to approve each entry before it is made public. I'm doing this to keep things "clean" and on-topic. If you've got a complaint or comment for the ol' mailbag, it should be sent here instead. Let me repeat -- only songs and artists go in the guestbook! Get it, got it? Good!

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He's going to pay. This time, Puffy has gone too far. [Smiley]

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