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I Weep For the Children Who Are Our Future...

Here you go...the much anticipated "Please Puff Daddy, Ruin This Song Too" mailbag... I've been collecting letters (pro and con) sent to me about my anti-Puffy web site for over a year now -- and here it is -- the best of the best. The Hall of Fame (or Shame?). Some are intelligent, some are downright scary, and most could use a little program called spellcheck.

But first.....

From the "Death to the Spice Girls FAQ" located at http://www.vianet.net.au/~jee/faq.html:

Q: Why did you waste your time on making a hate site?

A: Well, that would be because its an anti-site. As opposed to a worship site. simple.....I wasted my time, because it kept me and others entertained, I've said what I wanted to say and I suppose that's all I ever really wanted to do. If you really have a problem with it, go away, don't give me lectures on wasting time, because you'd be wasting yours.

So, not sure what a browser's "back button" looks like?

If you don't like what you're reading - click it - and leave!

Q: Why don't you do something more positive? The world is already so full of negativity as it is! Why contribute to it?

A: I refuse to take any responsibility for any of the ongoing wars, natural disasters, annoying people that won't go away and various misdeamours occuring at the moment. Why don't you go and do something more positive than whining to me? Because, you're not going to get this page to go away now. I mean this. Go whine to someone who cares (ie. yourself.)

Oh and lighten up! There's more to life than all this, its not like I'm actually going to kill them! This isn't my all-consuming passion, and it takes very little of my time to maintain, etc. etc.

There -- I could not have said it better myself... Now let's rip that mailbag open, shall we? Click on any of the years shown below to read that year's mail. Not for the weak of heart!

2002 and 2003 Mail just added here!

1998 Mail 1999 Mail 2000 Mail 2001 Mail

Have something to say about this site? If so, send an e-mail! The "best" go here in the mailbag.

Please keep in mind that all letters pre-2002 have been edited to remove cursing (which were against GeoCities TOS). My standard reply is: "Thank you, drive through..." I can only waste so much of my time replying to all the Puffyphiles out there, before words just start failing me...and I end up with a big ol' keyboard imprint right on my forehead...

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He's going to pay. This time, Puffy has gone too far. [Smiley]

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