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I Weep For the Children Who Are Our Future...

Here you go...the much anticipated "Please Puff Daddy, Ruin This Song Too" mailbag... I've been collecting letters (pro and con) sent to me about my anti-Puffy web site for over a year now -- and here it is -- the best of the best. The Hall of Fame (or Shame?). Some are intelligent, some are downright scary, and most could use a little program called spellcheck.

But first.....

From the "Death to the Spice Girls FAQ" located at http://www.vianet.net.au/~jee/faq.html:

Q: Why did you waste your time on making a hate site?

A: Well, that would be because its an anti-site. As opposed to a worship site. simple.....I wasted my time, because it kept me and others entertained, I've said what I wanted to say and I suppose that's all I ever really wanted to do. If you really have a problem with it, go away, don't give me lectures on wasting time, because you'd be wasting yours.

So, not sure what a browser's "back button" looks like?

If you don't like what you're reading - click it - and leave!

Q: Why don't you do something more positive? The world is already so full of negativity as it is! Why contribute to it?

A: I refuse to take any responsibility for any of the ongoing wars, natural disasters, annoying people that won't go away and various misdeamours occuring at the moment. Why don't you go and do something more positive than whining to me? Because, you're not going to get this page to go away now. I mean this. Go whine to someone who cares (ie. yourself.)

Oh and lighten up! There's more to life than all this, its not like I'm actually going to kill them! This isn't my all-consuming passion, and it takes very little of my time to maintain, etc. etc.

Please keep in mind that all letters pre-2002 have been edited to remove cursing (which were against GeoCities TOS). My standard reply is: "Thank you, drive through..." I can only waste so much of my time replying to all the Puffyphiles out there, before words just start failing me...and I end up with a big ol' keyboard imprint right on my forehead...

From: althia edwards
Date: Sun 3/30/2003 11:56 PM
Subject: Please Puff Daddy Ruin This Song, Too - Mailbag

get a f**king life.and stop bash the god damn man.you or a f**king hater.people like you.dont need to be see at all.go eat shit now.you make me sick.
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From: ariana (P diddys soon to be wife)
Date: : Friday 05/09/2003 12:41:03am

all yall mutha fuckas need to get a fucking life and stop hatin on my man the system is designed to bring the black succesful man down and thats what yall TRYIN to do but i aint gonna let it happen go fuck yourselfs
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From: Mitchell Edwards
Date: Mon 5/26/2003 7:40 PM
Subject: Please Puff Daddy Ruin This Song, Too - Mailbag

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs rocks.
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From: Brian Petroff
Date: Wed 5/28/2003 5:12 AM
Subject: Please Puff Daddy Ruin This Song, Too - Mailbag

I understand that everyone has there own opinion about artists, some just chose to announce it, while others keep quiet, and you have decided to voice your opinion. The only problem i have with what you said is about the song "Missing You" becuase Puffy did have his reasons for sampling that song, and it is in memory of Notorious BIG. But I also agree that maybe he should try and write his OWN songs(at least every once in a while.. ha ha)though for him it might be to strenuous. And truthfully I've never been a large puffy fan due to the fact i think he is a major poser, and i cannot believe the way he treated and used one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time, Tupac Shaqur. Also, he tries to be gangsta and uses a "Bad Boy" label, but his songs have never been close to anything a bad boy would say since the passing of the great Biggie Smalls. So kudos to you for saying what you feel! Though i think maybe you should reconsider the Missing You song. P.S. people who just come on here to say F*ck off because you have nothing better to say, or you think puffy is hot... get a real opinion with valid reasons supporting it.. come back and maybe then ppl. will care!
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From: Gareth Leese
Date: Sun 7/20/2003 7:41 PM
Subject: Puff Daddy Has Ruined This Song, Too

he ruined your song
titled- i am a jealous dickwad who uses terms such as "puh-leeze" and bothers to spend time writing a crappy article which no one cares about. at least he changes the song to something more relevant to him rather than just cover like the majority of artists do today.
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From: Lee Bickley
Date: Sun 8/17/2003 12:35 AM
Subject: Please Puff Daddy Ruin This Song, Too - Mailbag

Why is it that everyone who likes Puff Daddy can't spell? I was looking through the mailbag and everyone who likes Puff Daddy spells like they were 3rd grade dropouts. I'll say i'm not a fan but i do like one or two of his songs. I think you should keep your site up just outta spit for all those people who type in all caps, and need a censor everyone two or three words.
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From: BaybPhat345
Date: Wed 8/20/2003 2:46 AM
Subject: Please Puff Daddy Ruin This Song, Too - Mailbag

Well, I don't know if Sean will be able to see this e-mail and I don't even know if what I am about to say in this letter is appropriate for whomever it is being sent to. I just want him and every employee that works for the BadBoy Entertainment Record Company to hear me out. And I know how serious P.Diddy takes his bussiness. And I also know that he just might not take the time to read this e-mail, but that's not going to stop me from trying to make something of myself.
My name is Kimberly ****** and I am from New Jersey. I am 13 years of age with a voice of Mariah Carey. I am not trying to brag or seem conceeded about myself either. I just wanted to let all of you know that I am young and I am looking to do and make something of my talent. I have a God's gift and I am not going to sit around and wait for it to be taken away. And just like P. Diddy, I take my talent seriously. And even though I am too young and too late to be apart of the new show Making The Band, I feel that Sean should close the whole show and start a new one for the younger teens because the way I see it, they have no respect whatsoever, and people like me would have so much intrest and concern in being on the show. I also feel that since everyone on the show has been noticed by the public they feel like they are famous. I think they are in it for the glamour. But you see, people like me sing and present ourselves from the heart. I mean when I sing in front of people I don't do it to be seen and noticed I try to do it to send a message. When I sing, I relieve myself from stress, I try to improve my skills, and most importantly I do it for fun. I hope you take this letter into concideration. I also hope and pray that everyone that is apart of the Making The Band MTV show starts taking their talent into concideration and take advantage of it because I would do almost anything to be in their places right now, but I'm just a 13yr. old with a dream and a voice striving to achieve a goal. But from the way they are acting, it's as if they could give two craps f the show was cut off. So as I said I hope at least one person from the BadBoy Family sees this letter. I hope it doesn't just go to the gutter, because this is coming straight from my heart. I can't wait any longer for someone to come to me and just sign me to their record company because I know it's not going to happen. I'm ready to take action!!!
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